måndag 6 april 2009


"The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower" C30 on Utmarken.

"The Girl In The Stolen Cat Mask" C30 on Dead Audio Tapes.

Track titled "Goodbye" on "HNW ONLY" cd compilation on DeadLine Recordings.

"Sabrina et la fameuse école de cuisine "Le Cordon Bleu" de Paris" C45 on Stasis.
"TBA" 3'' on AFP.

"TBA" C?? on WaterPower.
"TBA" Cdr on Suprematist Records.
"TBA" C?? on Ascitic Records.

"TBA" C?? on Absence Tapes.
Track titled "Oh, i'm sorry. It's my engagement ring. I forgot about it." on a 8-way split 4xC20 on Absence Tapes.

Sold Out:
"Wait Until Dark" 6xC90 box on HarshFuckedForLife.
"My Fair Lady" 6xC90 box on HarshFuckedForLife.
"Embryo Concepts" C90 on Skönhet Tapes.
"How Long Has This Been Going On?" C10 on Skönhet Tapes.
"Bonjour Paris" C20 on Skönhet Tapes.
"Moon River" C20 on Skönhet Tapes.
"Dear Father" C20 on Skönhet Tapes.

"How To Steal A Million" 2xC30 on Skönhet Tapes.

Future live:

Past live:

Eyes Behind The Wall HNW Fest @ Super Happy Fun Land, Houston, Texas, Usa 13-14/8, 2010.
Skönhet, Ascites, Stress, Last Rape etc. @ Super Happy Fun Land, Houston, Texas 9/10, 2009.
Skönhet @ Dead Audio Fest, Houston, Texas, Usa 25/7, 2009
Skönhet & Young Girls Live @ Garage 1/7, 2009
Skönhet, Hanna Hirsch, Tar...Feathers, Gloomy Sunday @ Majvallen, UtmarkenFesten 5/6, 2009